Successful Web Design.

We at JKOM Designs have partnered up with designers and specialists internationally to deliver maximum results at a low price. We offer a wide array of services such as Front-end & Back-end development, Web design, Site maintenance, Web hosting, JQuery Animation, Graphics design, and Flash. We strive to create professional web sites that will effectively promote your products or services to your target audience.

Our Team

JKOM Designs is a rapidly growing company that is aimed at creating successful web design products and services. It unites a vast number of highly qualified specialists to provide you the best solution at a low price. Our team offers you a huge variety of services – web design, site maintenance, web page templates, internet store programming and design, graphics design, and macromedia flash.


We help you make your business prosperous and available for millions of clients.

Each client is unique and we provide special service for everyone. We combine the highest level of professionalism with a respectful attitude towards our clients and their demands. We look forward to working with you and your team!